Smart Classroom

With the exponential technological advances, anything could be instrumented, interconnected, and infused with intelligent design, so is education. As a new educational paradigm, Sasin eTeach's Smart Classroom feature bases its foundations on smart devices and intelligent technologies. These technologies can be as Media or Tools for accessing learning content, inquiry, communication and collaboration, construction, expression, and evaluation.

With the development of portable technologies, mobile and remote learning have become a major academic paradigm. Our eTeach eLearning application emphasizes the utilization of portable devices such as phone and desktop apps or set-top box, and focuses on the mobility of the learner, in contrast to the static traditional educational types. In addition to that, the support of ubiquitous technology emphasizes that learning can take place anytime and anywhere without the limitations of time, locations, or environments.

Components of Smart Education :

  • Whiteboard :- Unlike the traditional whiteboards that typically work the same as blackboards, our Whiteboard approach consists of the use of technologies like Green screen and OBS Software, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After effects, etc. that are used to change the entire background of the lecture to match the look and feel of the topic. These recorded lectures then get processed by our Content Development team and finally get published on our eTeach eLearning application.

  • GlassBoard :- Glassboard implements the setup of transparent whiteboards that are lined with LED strips to highlight the neon text written on the Glassboard. For this, a special neon marker pen is used that doesn't get spread or blurred out in presence of LEDs as the Glassboard lectures are being recorded in a dimly lit studio. These lectures are processed by our team where they use OBS Software where and mirror the Glassboard lecture to feed in the eTeach eLearning application. Glassboard makes a powerful tool for our video presentations. It enables our viewers - students, colleagues, training participants - to learn from teachers as if they were in the same room.

  • Chroma Studio :- Using the Chroma Studio, teachers can easily complement their traditional teaching methods with visual learning aids such as texts, images, videos, and others. Chroma Studio is basically filming in front of a green screen that enables multimedia to be dropped into the virtual image. This helps to create an engaging atmosphere for students to learn in and also increases their understanding of complex topics.

  • eTeach eLearning platform :- This application acts as the hub of providing teaching content to our students which is essentially available on Android, IOS, and Windows platform. Our learning material includes eBooks, Worksheets, Question Banks, Quizzes, and ePaper for the students. The app interface primarily delivers six features:

    eTeach - for providing recorded lecture sessions to students.
    eSports - for providing recorded sports training sessions to students.
    eTube - to provide interactive live lecture sessions to students.
    ePaper - for conducting online assessment sessions for students.
    eLibrary - enabling students to access a wide range of eBooks.
    Support - dedicated support team to assist in the fluent working of all application services.

  • Set-Top box Device :- Although our eTeach eLearning application is more than enough to deliver our educational content to students, we understand the concern of parents to prevent their kids from being completely consumed by the technology. Keeping that in mind, we provide a Set-Top Box solution. Our Set-Top Box allows users to access content published by our team without needing to turn towards potentially addictive technology. This keeps in check the parents' concern without cutting on students' education.

  • Bagless Concept :- Contrary to prior schooling when Students used to lug 10-15 school books every day between home and school, our Bagless School concept enables students to access schooling with as little as a handbook and pen. Our schools would keep hold of all the school books and textbooks saving the students from the unnecessary load.

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