For overall smooth coordination, the Schools and Academic Institutions require a software that allows them to manage day-to-day reports such as attendance, report cards, sports progress, fee and salary tracking, and a platform that helps the administration to publish exam timetables, syllabus, etc. All this is possible with the help of our solution: Enterprise Resource Planning i.e., ERP Software. ERP is an integrated administration of all the fundamental managerial processes, often carried out in real-time and mediated by software and technology. This essentially means that all the solutions are provided on a single platform.

Our ERP software is equipped with features like Dashboard, Event Administration, Student Management, Syllabus & Timetable Management, Exam Management, Report Card Management, Fees Management, Trackway, E-Voting, and Sports Management. It provides users with a seamless framework of interconnected modules and applications such as eTeach School Assist app and eTeach Teacher Assist app that simplifies everyday management processes.
  • Dashboard - The ready-to-use overview of our ERP module data such as the number of students registered, number of employees registered, total courses, total classes, fees record, attendance record, etc. is provided at ERP's Dashboard.

  • Event Administration - This module allows the user to publish and manage the school activities and notices regarding the events and festivals which gets highlighted directly in the eTeach School Assist App.

  • Student Management - Student Management module provides features like Student registration, student list, bulk students import, enquiry list, etc. It also provides Attendance management to keep track of students' attendance which gets highlighted in the eTeach Student Assist App.

  • RFID - Embedded in the Student management module is our Attendance management feature that uses components like RFID ID Cards, RFID Readers, and a Host PC to keep a digital track of the students' attendance. The RFID ID Cards allotted to each student have a unique RFID number, these cards are to be scanned at RFID Readers when students arrive at school and when they leave for home. This sends a notification to the parents in the eTeach School Assist App regarding their child's arrival and departure, doubling up as an additional security feature.

  • Syllabus & Timetable Management - This module helps in publishing the Syllabus and Timetable to students in their eTeach Student Assist App as and when redirected by the Teachers using the eTeach Teacher Assist App.

  • Exam Management - Exam Management module is used to manage the exam related information such as exam report generation, online exam, exam schedule, etc. which gets redirected to students in their eTeach Student Assist App.

  • Report Card Management - The Report Card Management module is used to generate the yearly student progress report. This is undertaken using the data from the Exam Management module and conveyed to students and their parents through the eTeach Student Assist App.

  • Fees Management - This module is used to keep record of the balance fees, and paid fees of all the students. A dedicated section in the eTeach School Assist App allows the parents to easily track the school fees. This section also enables them to pay fees directly from within the application.

  • Trackway - This module enables the parents and teachers to keep track of the commute of students. Our GPS enabled transport busses feeds the accurate commute data of each student into the eTeach School Assist App. The School creates all its required Bus routes and allocates those routes to each student enrolled for Trackway service. Parents and School administration can view the progress of the bus in real-time on their mobile using eTeach School Assist App's TrackWay feature.

  • E-Voting - E-Voting module is used for the digitalization of school election process. It allows the School administration to manage HOUSE Participants List, PVP Participants List, Election Reports and features such as HOUSE Live Status, PVP Live Status. All this data is highlighted to Students and Parents in the eTeach School Assist App.

  • Sports Management - This module allows the School administration to manage the sports activities and the sports progress of students enrolled for Sports Development Program. It enables tracking sports level, sports performance, etc and the same is reported to Students and Parents in the eTeach School Assist App.

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